Musician from the age of 15, Nina first studied classical guitar with Pedro Ibanez, which led her to discover Brazilian music and sparked in her the desire to sing. Numerous concerts followed, as well as the recording of 2 albums with guitarist Hervé Hurtret: Aquarela do Brasil and Viramundo.

Club Med adventure began 15 years ago. Nina is part of the Club Med Talent and performs in duet with Hervé Hurtret, in the Club Med villages, in France and abroad. In this context, beyond the Brazilian register, their international variety repertoire draws together songs by Sade, Kate Bush, Sting, Amy Winehouse…, jazz standards and French variety classics.

Since 2018, she has been working with guitarist Yann Viet on a repertoire focused on the French songbook, including authors such as Maurane, Barbara, Aznavour, Gainsbourg, Salvador… as well as original compositions and poems set to music.